Beauty Haul: Glossier

Did a last minute "Treat Yo Self" sesh over the holidays (sorry, took so long to post) and got some skin care treats from one of my all time favorite beauty companies, Glossier, headquartered in NYC. Personally, I'm an advocate for them because I could never find beauty products for someone like me: a girl that doesn't need too much makeup but still wants to maintain healthy skin. My Glossier collection is growing, full with the essentials plus some pleasures like the limited edition Moonlight Haloscope face highlighter.

Feel inclined to join the Glossier movement?
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Super Pure • Mega Greens Galaxy Pack • Haloscope Limited edition Moonstone • Milky Jelly Cleanser • Flavored Black Dotcom Coconut

Oxfordist Favorites:
Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
The Super Pack (specifically Super Glow + Super Pure)
Milky Jelly Cleanser (especially before bed)

Stretch Concealer - Rich
Haloscope (especially Topaz & the limited edition, Moonlight)