polaroids en la playa

Sunday is the one day out of the week when I can reflect on the past and ponder on the future. It had been a minute (2 years) since my last visit to our Ocean Beach, so my best friend Alexander and I jet-setted .aka. took the N train for a relaxing mini adventure.

Along with snacks galore for our picnic, I brought along a pack of Impossible 600 Film and snapped some memories of the occasion. I've been shooting with my 600 Polaroid camera for a couple of years now and the Black Frame Edition packs are my favorite so far. I definitely have to experiment with the gold, silver and/or circle frames soon - maybe when I go to So Cal next month. From today's bunch, I'm really glad with how these turned out - the photo of Alexander laying down shy at the camera is possibly my favorite I've ever taken.

Photos of me by Alexander Ludington.