Fun fact: I listen to Frank Ocean everyday.
As a musician, I just sincerely respect his process. I obsess over his perfect vocals, his lyrics move me every time, his... well you get it.  
I just have nothing bad to say about Frank Ocean, other than the fact that he produces new music every time there's a new president in office. 
Frank makes me cry, Frank makes me want to figuratively break up with my high school boyfriend over and over again. Frank makes me want to be a better person in this world. He just produces lyrical masterpieces that have taken me on a vulnerable journey since his first mixtape in 2011. 
Compiled are my favorite songs (WHICH WAS SO HARD TO DO), honestly just listen to everything he does.
Definitely one of my favorite artists on the planet. 






1. Pink Matter — Frank Ocean, André 3000

2. Biking — Frank Ocean, JAY Z, Tyler, The Creator

3. Sierra Leone — Frank Ocean

4. Chanel — Frank Ocean

5. Monks — Frank Ocean

6. Novacane — Frank Ocean

7. Pyramids — Frank Ocean

8. Bad Religion — Frank Ocean

9. Provider — Frank Ocean

10. Super Rich Kids — Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt

11. Pink + White — Frank Ocean

12. Nights — Frank Ocean

13. White — Frank Ocean, John Mayer

14. Godspeed — Frank Ocean