Heading to LA this September for the OTRII Tour. Needing these tunes for the "long" drive down the I-5.
I didn't realize I was one of those people who prepped playlists before an event until my friend called me out on it. Is anyone else like that?
Also, I feel like this playlist will continuously be added to since I have 6 hours of road to fill. If you see any changes in the near future, dont @ me for accuracy. Enjoy!





1. Lock Doh — Giggs, Donae'o

2. No Drama — Tinashe, Offset

3. Up All Night — Upstates

4. SLD (Quiet Storm Hour) — E. Jones

5. Out of My Head — Satin Jackets

6. Let You Down — Charlotte Day Wilson

7. Forest Fire — YOG$, alayna, Healy

8. Scrood (feat. Steve Lacy) — Jonti, Steve Lacy

9. There You Are — WATCH THE DUCK

10. Other Lover (feat. High Hoops) — Spycc, HIGH HØØPS

11. Selfish — SAINt JHN

12. COFFEE BEAN — Travis Scott

13. Down — Marian Hill