Doc, Doc. Who's There?

Doctor's orders are supposed to be followed and in this fashionable case I'm resting in bed with lots of fluids.
Today I'm sporting my recently purchased Dr. Martens and it's definitely safe to say that I've got a case of being lovesick. Not only do I adore these for its rich leather and the fact that it favors the style of my favorite type of shoe, (Hmm, wonder what that shoe could be?) they're an easy-going pair, whether I want to prep up my outfit or add a bit of a tomboy factor. This, rather than wearing something I'd normally pair with this outfit. For example, my go-to heeled leather booties or a pointy flat. I also love that the sole is black in comparison to the golden colored rubber sole that one would see from the regular Dr. Martens collections. Madewell (where I purchased these leathered gems) sold two styles of Docs during this past winter season which through them offered the all black sole.

Photographs by Miranda De Lay