On The Scene: Jane on Larkin (925 Larkin)

San Francisco has an abundance of coffee shops, cafés, etc. that I'm extremely fond of so of course it's difficult to pick a favorite. Besides the fact that Jane has bomb food, great coffee and rad baristas (shout out to Kelsey), the convenience of being able to walk less than a block away from my apartment is what seals the deal for me. Coffee at my fingertips basically. The interior is lovely too, with a black, white and steel furnishing combo and a flourishing mural on the wall. 

There are those moments when you discover you like something and there's just no going back. Whether it's the gelato store around the way that makes your favorite stracciatella or that corner taqueria that somehow cooks up the best California burrito your taste buds have ever encountered, you return because you know you're guaranteed satisfaction. In my case, it's my local coffee shop, Jane on Larkin that pleases my caffeine fix to a t. 

If you're looking for the low key spot to grab a coffee and dive into that 2015 book list you have yet to start since January 1st (this applies to me too, whoops!), Jane on Larkin sets the perfect scene. Tip: Order the Avocado on Toast, it will change your life. 

Other location: 2123 Fillmore St.

Photographs by Miranda De Lay

(The pastel wall alley ways are across the street from Jane).