By Default

One of my favorite sweaters, that I practically live in, is my Madewell textured work sweater that I purchased last Autumn.
I paired this with some black skinny jeans, Asos heels and a structured Quiksilver jacket for a tasteful accent. 

There's nothing like a clean & comfy black outfit that can get you through whatever casual occasion of the day. I've come to wear the color black by default because it's so easy to pair with other pieces in my wardrobe. While keeping in mind the topsy-turvy San Francisco weather we've been having this month, I've found that a good knit sweater and some worn in jeans have been the basis of my "How do I get ready in less than 10 minutes and still not freeze to death but also not become a victim of heat stroke? Also do I have time to buy coffee?" scattered morning mentality. Middle ground people, middle ground...

Photographs by Miranda De Lay