Raise The Roof

If you know me, you know that my favorite pair of blue jeans right now are my high waist (mom) jeans from American Apparel. I've worn them in so nicely, so they've become the perfect jean to comfortably style in on the weekends. I paired this with an easy striped Madewell crop tee, tucked in, my go-to blazer I copped from a shopping adventure at Salvation Army and Dolce Vita Boots. 

(Hi I'm back) I can't get enough of the views of this city, especially at the heights of a rooftop. Within my circle of friends we each have our cool rooftops for quick hangs, as we gaze at the breathtaking architecture that surrounds us. After an evening of fun, it's definitely a ritual to chill out and enjoy the scenes of the night on the roof. This past Sunday (Apr. 12), the weather was so on point, staying inside would've been considered a sin. Before I headed to Dolores Park to picnic with friends, Miranda and I climbed up to the roof for some one on one action with the glorious San Francisco sun rays.

Photographs by Miranda De Lay
P.S. Anyone with an iPhone update their phone just for the new emojis? As if I wasn't distracted already... ;)