fight or flight

Hats are hard to come by for me because I have a lot of hair. The ones that work out, I treasure forever. This "fluorescent" cobalt blue beanie has a funny story behind it. I was returning back from a So Cal trip a couple years ago and needed exact change to ride the bus to my downtown apartment. Suitcase and all, I stopped by the closest Walgreens to buy something to break a $10 bill (Wasn't a Clipper Card holder then, I've learned). Gum, candy and the like didn't seem appealing but what drew my attention instead were was the cheap beanie rack. "Next in line" the cashier yelled, so quickly I grabbed a deep olive green beanie and this cobalt blue one. To be honest, I was unaware of the colors I had even grabbed but rather was more concerned on whether these two beanies were enough to give me 2 $1s and a quarter in returning change. Long story short, in this fashion fight or flight moment, I thoughtlessly fought on got a kickass beanie in return. 

Photos by Francesca M.