Western Treasury

Sometimes the classic T-shirt and Jeans combo is the way to go, especially when bold color is involved. I ordered these TopShop Crop Jeans for my Maui trip in February, but never ended up bringing them along. (Thankfully, because it was so hot!) Happy to kind of announce that my bff Alexander is starting an embroidery company, custom and in-house designs. Of course as a starter design and because I'm the type of person that needs to have all their belongings with initials, I requested a "J". My red ribbed blouse is vintage and was actually given to me by a friend a couple years back. I hardly wear red, unless it's my lipstick or nail color, so the only way I was going to make this shirt a repeatedly worn item was if Alexander embroidered my initials on it, haha. Also, stupidly excited about my new red mules. More RED!!! 

PC: Alexander L.

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