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Jewelry is something that is really important to me. Some people prefer silver, others prefer gold. I consider jewelry as a form of self expression as well as our little keepsake companions that we find, wear and continue to treasure in this journey called life. They’re the pieces that live with you, grow with you and wear and tear with you. I’ve grown so fond and attached of my collection, it’s almost as if there’s a piece of me missing on those rare days I forget to wear my favorite ring or necklace before heading out for the day. Recently discovered GLDN, a meaningful brand with a purpose in women owning pieces with a good soul. Jewelry that not only makes you look good, but feel good. Sharing with you the three little delicates that I’ve added to my everyday staples.

More about GLDN:
• They believe every woman deserves personal, quality jewelry at an honest price • Jewelry consciously handcrafted byt them, designed & made all under one roof
• Woman founded & owned • GLDN also gives back to causes they’re passionate about every year. Read more!


Here are the latest pieces I personalized with GLDN, all with a little memo of why they’re special to me:

Lor Initial Necklace
My sisters are my everything. Since we all live in different areas, it’s nice to have a sweet little reminder of them whenever I miss them or remember something hilarious they said that stuck with me. (Engraved: A for Amanda, N for Nicole on Lor Necklace. Love you guys, if you’re reading this!)

Personalized Yarra Ring
Another important cause for me, is the Black Lives Matter movement. I really wanted to create something personal as well as spread a little awareness in any way I can, outside of social media and word of mouth. As a black woman living in America, there a times when you’re stuck in a corner full of hatred, confusion, sadness and feel hopeless. I like to think of this ring as my source of strength whenever I’m feeling emotionally and mentally under the weather. (Engraved: ”Black Lives Matter” on Yarra Ring.)

Poise Necklace
The sweetest necklace I’ve ever owned is this Femme necklace. The past couple years I’ve been extremely insecure about my body in ways I’d never experienced before. Specifically this year, I’ve taken slow and steady steps in accepting myself and ultimately go in the direction of living my truth and anticipating that the rest will follow. Being kind of myself is one of the hardest things I’ve had to teach myself to do, so I wanted this necklace to be representation of embracing me and body and leaving negativity at the door. (Engraved: Femme Silhouette on Poise Necklace)



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Personalized Yarra Ring • Poise Necklace • Lor Initial Necklace

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Images by Miranda De Lay