New Year, Same Jess?

Happy New Year, everyone!  I feel like I can speak for all of us when I say "Wow, glad that's over!" 2017 was one of the more difficult years I've ever experienced. Everything from the emotionally draining social/political crises in America and around the world, to smaller personal problems that got me down every once in a while. January 1, although in my opinion just another day, is a reset button for most. It allows us to reflect on the mistakes we've made (and hopefully learned from) in the past so that we try not to make them again in the future.

It's also is a great day for understanding what we want in life and contributing to those goals in the hopes of being better versions of ourselves.

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As I grow older, the idea of making new year resolutions have become the method of betterment I've drifted away from. Hear me out.... I'm the type of person who creates micro or macro goals for themselves on a weekly-monthly basis. Whether it be "Today I'm going to drink more water and less juice." or "This month I'm going to educate myself on what Congress is currently doing in America." For me I find that the goals I set the first day of year eventually turn into forgotten promises for myself come April/May and my journey to becoming the person I want to be gets delayed. I used to do resolutions religiously and checked back every month to see my progress. I guess I've just become busier and realistically goals I make at the beginning of the year just don't get accomplished. Not sure if this is a pessimistic approach to a New Year or I just know myself and this works for me. (whatevs) Overall in 2018, I'm looking forward to improving as a great source for content and overall development in my personal style, lifestyle and beauty. RANT OVER... haha ANYWAY... however you celebrate the New Year and creating resolutions for yourself I wish you everything that you hope for and more this year. xx


Photo Credit: Gel Castillo

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