Rio de Janeiro

This past week, I spent the BEST TIME in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with my bff and coworker, Alexander. Our company, Betabrand (780 Valencia St.) sent us to an international location of our choice because of our talent showing winning at last year's holiday party. I know, what a killer 1st prize; a trip anywhere in the world. For our "talent" we covered Drake's "Hotline Bling". He played the guitar, I sang and the votes that evening were in. We won and were going to Rio!!!!

It's definitely safe to say that Rio de Janeiro has my heart. I actually cried when it was our last day on the beautiful Ipanema Beach. Everywhere we went and everyone we met was just magical. I have never felt so attached to a place that quickly.

You can imagine that I have more than a million photos and videos that I took and I'm positive Alexander can say the same (You can also peep our Instagram accounts for pictures / Me: @theoxfordist, obvs. Alexander: @alexludington). For now, here's a little taste of what to expect later this week. I working on a getting compiled video with all our media. I'll post soon.

A huge huge huge thank you to James Tagliani (CFO) for taking care of us and making sure we had the safest, most memorable trip ever!